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Thank you so much for visiting our site.  Dream Spirit Dancer was created to bring people together on the three most important aspects of our lives, Home, Health, and Nature.  If we all get back to the basics of family with a happy healthy home, then our respect and care of nature will come automatically.  We can not survive if we abuse and destroy nature.  As the years go by, and the technology grows you can see how

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Home is where the heart is; it is the epicenter of our lives. Everything we do is centered around our home and families. Happy lives are content, have more meaning and produce wonderful, happy lifelong memories. Start your legacy.


Everyone wants a healthy life and we try to eat right, and exercise to ensure it. However, somethimes  our bodies need a little more help, so natural products are a great help or alternative to traditional  medicine.


Nature seems to do fine without our interference, so maybe we can take a step back, learn from our mistakes, and go forward with better options.  We have some great ideas, products and activities that work. Check them out.

Now What!!

Well, I just have to talk about this.  Yes, it may irritate those who are against religion, or just against talking about it, but I just HAVE to do it.

I don't know if anyone has seen the movie Courageous, but what was said in that movie about being a father, strikes a cord with me.  Even if you are not religious, and believe YOU are in control, and YOU call the shots, and YOU determine your future, you may agree that outside influences can and do impact your personality, beliefs, and future.  The saying "Children learn what they live" may be true, 

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                        Always shoot for the moon
                                               Even if you miss
                                     You'll still be among the stars

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Life is but a journey; may yours be blessed.

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"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."
 ~ Helen Keller ~

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